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How often is my data backed up and what types of backups are there?

By Florian Engel @florian
    2020-05-27 09:36:10.290Z2020-05-28 09:17:21.619Z
    • What types of backups do you perform?
    • How are these backups kept on your servers?
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    1. Florian Engel @florian
        2020-05-27 09:36:19.740Z2023-02-06 17:26:45.866Z

        We have 2 types of backups:

        1. Backups on the virtual server environments
        2. Individually configured backups focusing on application data for easier restore

        Backups 1. are full backups (snapshots) of the entire server and all data on the server. These nightly backups are kept for 7 days.

        Backups 2. are stored outside of our usual server providers infrastructure for better redundancy.
        These backups are stored longer, up to 5 months. They are stored with staggered time intervals, that is 7 backups of the last 7 days, then 3 additional backups spaced by 1 week to cover the rest of the month, and lastly 4 more backups spaced by 1 month to cover a total period of 5 months.