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How often is my data backed up and what types of backups are there?

By Florian Engel @florian2020-05-27 09:36:10.290Z2020-05-28 09:17:21.619Z
  • What types of backups do you perform?
  • How are these backups kept on your servers?
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  1. Florian Engel @florian2020-05-27 09:36:19.740Z2020-05-28 08:54:33.848Z

    We have 2 types of backups:

    1. Backups on the virtual server environments
    2. Backups on a local server in our office

    Backups 1. are full backups (snapshots) of the entire server and all data on the server. These nightly backups are kept for 7 days.

    Backups 2. are (partially) incremental backups intended for long term archiving. This includes several daily snapshots and some weekly and monthly snapshots, extending up to 6 months in the past.