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What types of personal identifiable information does impact space store?

By Florian Engel @florian2020-05-27 11:27:22.432Z

Which personal data is stored in the system? Where is it stored (system architecture)?

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  1. Florian Engel @florian2020-05-27 11:32:46.290Z2020-05-28 09:13:30.718Z

    What type of personally identifiable data impact stack saves

    Impact stack stores data in these different formats and places:

    1. Form submissions
    2. Contact records
    3. Activities

    Form submissions

    Form submissions store the data you ask for - you are in control over the fields shown in the form. Therefore this is up to you which data this includes. Typically form submissions do include personally identifiable information such as an email address and the name.

    Contact records

    Contact records are a structured way to save information about your supporters. The contact record fields include things such as the name, email address, the opt-in status, address, phone number and information used for segmentation.


    Activities are used to link form submissionsto contact records with a time stamp. This way you know which contact has submitted which form at what point in time.

    Other things to consider

    There are other places that may hold personal information for a certain period of time. These systems are:

    1. Pre-generated CSV file exports
    2. Backups
    3. Queues for data being transferred.
    4. Error reporting and logging software.

    All these only hold the data for limited periods of time.