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Which cookies does Impact Stack save?

By Florian Engel @florian
    2020-11-26 10:04:38.110Z

    As part of developing a privacy policy for my organisation I have to know exactly which cookies are used by Impact Stack so I can add them to my list of cookies.

    What cookies are used?
    What is the purpose of these cookies?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Florian Engel @florian
        2020-11-26 10:21:10.607Z

        Here is all the information you will need for your privacy policy.
        If you are looking for the cookies more onion (the company behind Impact Stack) is using and what privacy policy applies to you as a customer of more onion please visit

        Cookies on Impact Stack

        What is Impact Stack?

        Impact Stack is a software platform charities, non-profit organisations and civil society organisations use for campaigning and online fundraising.

        Who is the data processor behind Impact Stack?

        Impact Stack acts as data processor for this data. The data controller is the organisation using the service to launch online actions or fundraising campaigns.

        Impact Stack is operated by the more onion ltd (in the UK) and the more onion e-campaigning Gmbh (in Austria).
        Details about the group of companies can be found here:

        For what purpose does Impact Stack use cookies?

        Impact stack uses cookies (and therefore processes your data) for the following purposes:

        1. Functionality
        2. Analysis
        3. Statistics
        4. Optimisation

        Technology used

        1. Session storage
        2. Cookies

        What data does Impact Stack collect?

        This list shows data we collect in cookies. This data may be linked to personal data or may contain personally identifiable information.

        1. Referrer URL
        2. Entry URL
        3. Tracking parameters of the entry URL (such as utm_ parameters)
        4. Internal referrer URL
        5. URL on which the form has been submitted
        6. A unique user ID that is generated
        7. Geographical data

        Functional cookie

        Impact Stack saves a cookie ("No_js") in order to understand if your browser has java script activated or not. This cookie is required for the site to function.

        Cookies for analysis and optimisation

        Impact Stack uses session storage to prefill form using information you have already provided to the platform in a previous interaction within the session. This feature is designed to improve the user experience on Impact Stack, so the user doesn't have to enter the same data multiple times.

        Impact Stack uses cookies (webform_tracking) to save data that will be submitted along with any form that you submit. This data is used for analysis, statistics and optimisation.

        Location of data processing

        All data is processed in the European Union and the UK.

        Processors of the data

        The data is processed by Impact Stack. The following other parties are used to process this data:

        1. Hetzner (our data center)
        2. Partners required to deliver the service "Impact Stack"

        More information

        Details can also be found on the impact stack privacy policy for data controllers. You can find it here:
        If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

        1. E@edjw
            2022-06-15 13:18:25.064Z

            In point 7 of 'What data does Impact Stack collect?', "Geographical data" means country name (derived from the IP address).

          • E
            In reply toflorian:
              2021-11-02 11:22:22.413Z

              There is also a cookie for webform flood protection that stops somebody from submitting the form too many times. This looks like this: webform-123[987654321].