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How do you verify impact stack backups are functional?

By Florian Engel @florian
    2020-05-27 10:33:54.567Z

    How do you verify that the backup process is functional and that restores work? How often is this done?

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    1. Florian Engel @florian
        2020-05-27 10:37:20.590Z2020-05-28 09:21:56.144Z

        It depends on type of backup - we have two different kinds.

        1. Server backups are performed by our hosting provider and they ensure that the backups are performed correctly. They are typically tested once every 6 months, or more often when we use server clones based on the backups for testing purposes.
        2. Local backups: We immediately get notifications about any failures during the backups. A complete test of all backups doesn't happen on a fixed schedule but we do use these backups regularily for debugging or to answer specific support questions.