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What Talkyard is for
What do we use Talkyard for?
QuestionsE02022-05-03 11:04:58.198Z
How often is my data backed up and what types of backups are there?
What types of backups do you perform? How are these backups kept on your servers?
Data protection & securityJ12023-02-03 09:06:21.594Z
Which cookies does Impact Stack save?
As part of developing a privacy policy for my organisation I have to know exactly which cookies are used by Impact Stack so I can add them to my list of cookies. What cookies are used? What is the purpose of these cookies?
Data protection & securityE32022-06-15 13:18:25.064Z
Where are the impact stack servers?
Where is the physical location of the servers impact stack runs on? Which companies are involved in the hosting and where can I find out more about them?
Data protection & security12020-05-28 09:16:15.380Z
What is the procedure to delete Personal Identifiable Information that is no longer needed?
How does impact stack ensure that personal identifiable information that is no longer needed is deleted or removed from the system? What's our role as data controller?
Data protection & security12020-05-28 09:13:58.139Z
How does impact stack ensure PCI compliance?
How are credit card details stored? For how long? Is the system PCI compliant and how does it achieve that?
Data protection & security12020-05-28 09:07:50.280Z
How and when will we be notified of downtimes?
If impact stack is down because of maintenance or udpates, how and when will we be notified?
Data protection & security12020-05-27 12:12:20.341Z
Do you perform background checks on your staff, external partners and vendors?
Is there some kind of screening process in place to check your staff and external vendors to ensure security?
Data protection & security12020-05-27 11:55:33.231Z
Is the staff working on impact stack trained up on security and data protection?
How do you ensure that staff knows the policies and practices.
Data protection & security12020-05-27 11:52:32.798Z
What types of personal identifiable information does impact space store?
Which personal data is stored in the system? Where is it stored (system architecture)?
Data protection & security12020-05-27 11:32:46.290Z
Explain icons...
Data protection & security12020-05-27 10:51:52.694Z
How do you verify impact stack backups are functional?
How do you verify that the backup process is functional and that restores work? How often is this done?
Data protection & security12020-05-27 10:37:20.590Z